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20 hours ago
Congratulations and thank you! Stay safe.Image attachmentImage attachment

Congratulations and thank you! Stay safe. ... See MoreSee Less

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The Credit Union is honored to welcome the Laurel Police Department (Montana) and Festus Police Department (Missouri) into our field of membership. We look forward to serving you and your families. ... See MoreSee Less

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Congratulations! Thank you and stay safe!

Congratulations! Thank you and stay safe!PRESS RELEASE: Chief Booth is pleased to announce the hiring of the Roanoke Police Department’s newest Deputy Chief, Michael “Mike” Crawley. Deputy Chief joins the Roanoke Police Department after a nearly 25-year tenure with the Salem Police Department, from which he retired at the rank of Chief.

“Deputy Chief Crawley grew up in Roanoke, and he knows this community well,” said Roanoke Chief Scott Booth. “His education, tenure of service, and commitment to public safety speaks for itself. I am confident that he will be a great asset to us and a leader at the Roanoke Police Department.”

“I am truly fortunate to join the ranks amongst the women and men of the Roanoke Police Department,” said Deputy Chief Crawley. “Being able to serve the citizens of the City of Roanoke in this capacity is an honor as it will allow me to give back to those who provided so much to me and my family over the years.”

Deputy Chief Crawley will begin working at RPD in late July of 2024. You can review his bio below:

“Mike Crawley began his law enforcement with the Town of Vinton Police Department in August 1996 graduating from Cardinal Criminal Academy in November the same year. During his time at Vinton Police Department he held the position of Patrol Officer, Detective, and Patrol Sergeant. Crawley left his position with Vinton Police Department and obtained employment with the Salem Police Department in December 1999 as a Patrol Officer.

“Crawley was promoted to the rank of Senior Police Officer and transferred to Salem’s Detective Division in 2004 where he was assigned to the Special Investigation Unit. In 2006, Crawley was transferred to General Investigator where he rose to the rank of Sergeant in that Division.

“He later served as the Services Division Sergeant handling the central supply and support component of the Department. He returned to the Patrol Division in 2014 before being promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief. He was named Salem’s Department Chief on February 1, 2016. After more than eight years as Chief of Police, Crawley retired from the City of Salem June 1, 2024. At the time of his retirement he was an active member of the International Chiefs of Police, Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police, National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers, in addition to Blue Ridge Chiefs of Police.

“A Roanoke City native, Chief Crawley graduated from Patrick Henry High School in 1991 and later attended Virginia Western Community College. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Bluefield College where he majored in Management and a graduate from the prestigious F.B.I. National Academy Class #271. He is also a member of Shiloh Baptist Church.”
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Welcome and thank you! Stay safe!Image attachmentImage attachment+Image attachment

Welcome and thank you! Stay safe! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago
Welcome and thank you! Stay safe!

Welcome and thank you! Stay safe!The North Tonawanda Police Department would like to welcome our newest Police Officer Alexander Wagner badge 226. Alexander was sworn in today by Mayor Austin J Tylec and Chief Keith Glass at North Tonawanda City Hall.

Officer Wagner comes to us from the Town of Niagara Police Department. Officer Wagner will be assigned to the Training Division. Congratulations and welcome to our department.

Seen in the photo from left to right are Officer Wagner, Chief Glass, and Mayor Austin J. Tylec.
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2 days ago
Division President Jim Bedinger is honored to be attending the Montana Professional Police Association and Montana Association of Chiefs of Police joint annual conference from June 17-20.

Division President Jim Bedinger is honored to be attending the Montana Professional Police Association and Montana Association of Chiefs of Police joint annual conference from June 17-20. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago
Great work!! Thank you! Stay safe.

Great work!! Thank you! Stay safe.🐾 Incredible Teamwork by Harris County Deputies' Organization FOP Lodge 39 and K9 Dudley!🐾

Thanks to the hard work of our brothers and sisters of HCDO Lodge 39, and the incredible skills of K9 Dudley, a lost child was reunited with her family earlier today. Using items belonging to the child, such as pants and a hair band, K9 Dudley led deputies to the intersection of TC Jester and 1960. Deputies later learned that the child had boarded a bus at this intersection and traveled to another location, where she was found safely.

Some heroes wear badges… and on occasion have tails! Fantastic work, HCSO & K9 Dudley!

#TXFOP #HCDA #K9Heroes #CommunitySafety #FantasticWork #LawEnforcement
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4 days ago
Congratulations and thank you for your many years of service! We wish you all the best in your next chapter.Image attachment

Congratulations and thank you for your many years of service! We wish you all the best in your next chapter. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

#flagday2024Happy #FlagDay! Today, we celebrate the symbol of our nation's freedom. 🇺🇸

Thank you Russell A. Taylor III for capturing this great shot!
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#flagday2024Happy Flag Day! Today, we honor the symbol of our nation's unity, freedom, and the sacrifices made to uphold it. Let's proudly display our flag and reflect on the values it represents. ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

#flagday2024Flag Day is celebrated every year on June 14 in remembrance of the adoption of the flag of the United States in 1777, as it is a national symbol of patriotism and freedom. In 1775, the “Grand Union” flag, also known as the Continental Colors, was flown in the colonies. This photo was taken in west Gastonia with Crowders in the distance. Gastonia Fire Department ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

#flagday2024🎵Oh Say Can You See! 🎵
Happy Flag Day from the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office! Flag Day commemorates the day the United States adopted Old Glory as our national flag on June 14, 1777.
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1 week ago

#flagday2024Today we honor the symbol of freedom. Flag Day is celebrated in America on June 14, commemorating the day the flag resolution was passed. This celebrates the anniversary of the Continental Congress approving the design of the United States flag on June 14, 1777. ... See MoreSee Less

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#flagday2024Happy Flag Day! Today, we honor the American flag and the values it represents freedom, unity, and sacrifice. Let's proudly celebrate our nation's symbol. #FlagDay 🇺🇸 ... See MoreSee Less

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Welcome and thank you! Stay safe!Image attachmentImage attachment

Welcome and thank you! Stay safe! ... See MoreSee Less

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Financial Priorities

When you think about financial goals, you tend to think about the home of your dreams or early retirement and rightly so, because the fulfillment of your financial dreams is usually one of the main reasons why you go to work in the first place.

In order to be able to fulfill your dreams, however, you must complete some steps along the way.  These steps are often easy to forget, but they are vitally important for those of us who are striving for our own version of financial success.

All of these steps or financial fundamentals are key ingredients for your personal financial success and the realization of your financial dreams.  The prioritization of these steps, however, will vary depending on your individual situation and the main factors that comprise it, including, but not limited to the size of your family, the level of debt you are carrying, and the extent of your financial goals.

Understand Your Finances

First and foremost, make it your personal responsibility to thoroughly understand your own financial picture.  You should know exactly what your income is and how it fluctuates, if applicable.  You should know what your obligations are and when they are due.  You should also be able to readily answer questions such as:

  • When are you due for a raise?
  • When was the last time you balanced your checkbook?
  • What are the interest rates that you pay on your loans?
  • What is your income tax liability and are your withholding amounts going to fully cover it?
  • What do you save out of each paycheck and where do you save it?
  • What do you earn on your savings?
  • What are your assets?


The bottom line is to know your own finances and what it takes to manage them inside and out.

Minimize Your Debt

When you minimize your debt, you maximize the options available to you.

Financial options are always positive because you can always exercise your   power to choose to your advantage.  If all of your income is already spoken for because your obligations equal or are close to equaling the amount of money that you are bringing in then you really don’t have many choices other than to try to do the best that you can to cover your debt.

Minimizing debt does not necessarily mean eliminating it. Debates continue about whether or not there is such a thing as categories of debt, such as bad debt and good debt.  However you feel about debt, reality usually dictates that you incur somewhere between some and a lot of it during your lifetime.  If you limit your debt to that which is essentially necessary, such as a mortgage loan, you will not only preserve options for yourself, you will be utilizing sound financial management practices to get yourself to and keep yourself in that position.  It is important to note that certain debt, such as mortgage debt, can provide you with benefits such as a reduction in your tax liability.  So, it isn’t so important to concentrate on being debt free as it is to concentrate on effectively managing the needs of your personal financial situation to put yourself in the best position to achieve your financial goals.

Set Clearly Defined, Personal Financial Goals

Mastering these fundamentals and exercising self-discipline will get you

absolutely nowhere if you don’t clearly define the importance of why you are

taking these actions and what you hope to achieve.  Setting a goal or goals that are meaningful to you will serve the dual benefit of making your effort worthwhile and helping you to make your dreams become a reality.  Your goals must be personal to you in order for them to have meaning and provide you with the motivation you will need to set your course toward achieving them.

Each goal is going to require its own set of action steps.  If your personal goal is to send your child to college, you will typically need to start the associated planning and saving many years in advance of his or her anticipated high school graduation date.  If your personal goal is to own your own mansion someday, you will usually need to start investing in real estate early on with that very specific purpose in mind.  In this case, you will want to perhaps be a little more focused on what investment is going to earn you the greatest return as opposed to what home might be the best for your current family needs.

Develop Checkpoints and Measurements

The work does not end once you’ve set your goals.  In fact, you could say that the real work is just beginning.  No matter how attainable your financial goals are, you will never achieve them without putting a system in place that helps you to measure whether you are making the needed progress and what, if any, other steps you will need to take to stay on track.  The longer-range goal you set, the more measurements and checkpoints you will need to get there.

An example of a useful measurement is to set a dollar amount or percentage gain you need annually to achieve a savings goal, such as college tuition.  If your goal is to pay off a loan, you can set a target balance owed for the end of each month or year until you have paid it off.

Make Your Financial Dream a Reality

If you develop a thorough understanding of your financial picture, focus on the fundamentals of your own financial management needs, set realistic and

attainable goals that are meaningful to you, and check your progress along the way; the only thing left for you to do is to go out and make your dreams a reality,


If you commit to prioritizing your personal finances in this way, there is actually no reason why you can’t achieve your financial goals.

Scott Arney
Chief Executive Officer
Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union

Don’t forget, members of the Credit Union enjoy free and confidential Credit Counseling and Financial Planning through our Financial Planning and Education Center. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

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